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Sunday, January 19, 2014


We finally found a way to reach out and help our brothers and sisters on the streets.Were getting ready to buy some houses on a owner finance deal.We pay the down pmt on the houses,we renovate them and place homeless veterans in them.We refuse to be like other shelters,house them,for a day or 2 and put them back on the streets,its wrong,and its not helping them.Our goal is to give them a home they can live in while there being schooled.A room in each house will have computers and whatever they need .they will do online schooling,we will train them in a field they will be able to work in .get them degrees,councle them.help find them work.schooling will mostly be done threw the henderson campus.we have a family affares case worker who will work with them in reunite them with family.What places us above the other shelters,we keep them ,find the problem,and help them go forward in life,it should be against the law to have a veteran on the streets-but we have.and with the publics support,threw donations ,our brothers and sisters will no longer be homeless.With our troops comeing home from the war,we have found many suffer from ptsd,this silent killer effects many of them,were gonna try to help them 2-we have arranged for some local dr,s to counsel them,and hopefully be able to help them before it gets to far.I hope HOSP will be able to meet as many of the challenges as possable.we refuse to turn our backs on our heros,and i hope we can count on your support to help us.we have found 2 houses in henderson that will be perfict for what were doing.with a little remodleing,we will have them ready soon.so plz if you will .donate what ever you can afford,we have to buy a lot of supplys to remodle,so plz step up to the plate,and help a hero,We get no public funding,cause we refuse to fallow goverment rules and regulation,God must remain a part of the healing,the goverment wont allow it.to reseve goverment grants we need to keep religion out,sorry,we cant,We are staffed with veterans,only people running the outreach program are vets-we are brothers helping brothers,we have a go fund me account ,and if you wish you an donate on pay pal-eather way,both links on on the left,plz click and donate,and god bless you.  CLICK THIS LINK TO DONATE.   CLICK HERE TO DONATE

Thursday, October 10, 2013


This past springs freedomride was a great ride,dedicated bikers from all over the area got togeather,and we rode to the hanson veterans retirement center.was a great time,and the vets loved us.We braught with us bikers,we had the indiana national guard with us,and they brought there how howester cannon with them,lol-man ya think the residents didnt injoy that your wrong,infact the soldiers learned a little bit about ww2 and vietnam im sure they were clueless on,And the real show stopper was Mohawk man and the rolling pow memorial.We had a great time,infact so much fun ,we dissided to go back this xmas and really give them a great time.Were hopeing our friends in the area can help us out this year,with the econnime as it is ,money is tight,and what were hopeing to do depends on the money raised from our supporters,Ill never forget the smiles on the faces of our heros we ment that day,and i pray i can do this for many years to come.and i give a specail thanks to the mn and women who rode that day,the in national guard,and mohawk man,we had a great time,till next year,

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


This year hosp is looking for donations,of cash so we can buy things these heros need,food clothing,personals,blankets,anything they might need,Also were traveling to the veterans retirement center in hanson ky,to have a xmas party for our retired heros,this year were determined to make as many veterans happy as possible,Its time americans relise these heros are out there,crying for help,were asking you the public ,plz,plz help us out by donating whatever you can afford.the stuff needed aint free,we need your love and support,will you give to our heroes,on this sight theres to ways you can donate,we have go fund me-or if you choose you can donate threw pay-pal,eather way your donations will go to make a vet happy.plz give now,god bless ,and thank you.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


WHAT IS HOSP ???? Hosp is disighned to not just provide shelter for our vets,but to get them off the streets forever.How are we gonna do this,ill explain,Hosp is designed to take in homeless veterans,men and women.medically evaluate them,then we determine,if they can be rehabilitated by our center.what i mean is,hosp will house our vets,train them into other job fields,they are able to work in.were working with company's and potential employers to train a veteran for a position in there company.like if you own a business,and its hard to hire and retrain new help.you can call us tell us what you are needing,we will train a veteran to do just what your looking for,in return,they hire them,we call this program,( hire a veteran )-we also work with ptsd vets,we have drs willing to work and councle these men and women.deal with there problems,see most people have the wrong idea about ptsd,some think there dangerest,crazy,naaa there not,there in a emotional crises,and is haveing a hard time dealing with it,the problem is most vets wont seek help ,in fear our goverment will lable them cray-and strip them of rights.and trust me they have a good reason to fear this,because thats exsacully what this goverment does.at hosp they have someone they can go to .without fear of the goverment labeling them terrorist course if someone comes in in bad shape and is a threat to themselfs or others,we will take them to were they can be cared for.ya see our goverment trained them to kill,when there done with them ,there put out of the military,with the program -of kill in there heads.this is wrong,were hopeing we can help these heros. they only did what they were told to do.there not terrorists,they deserve our support,so ya can see hosp is more like a in house tec school,instead of a shelter.our new location will give us room to house 50 homeless vets,our school will be self run,and we hope we can raise enough money to help asmany as we can.and with the public support,we will.were also currently negotiating a building in evansville in to house vets no matter what age,some are to old,cant work,this will be a shelter,only.all vets will be assigned a councler,and a worker who will look for va benifits that could be aval.and also uniteing them with familie.if theres any other questions,plz contact me.https://www.facebook.com/hospinc.shelters

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My fellow brothers and sisters,Hosp inc was  set up so we could reach out our hand,and help our fellow veterans who for some reason or other ended up on the street.this is heart braking to see anyone on the streets,but a veteran,a brave american who gave it all in the  name of this country.to be there ,pisses me off.This is our goal to not only cure this problem,but stop it.If we have to go to the top to stop this we will. Theirs over 400 homeless and semi homeless veterans in just the Evansville area,how can this happen in american.Our organisation intends on stopping this threw a variety of ways ,starting with bringing them off the streets.and not sending them back to the streets after a short stay.this don't cure the  problem,it feeds the problem.This is what sets hosp above the others,we will work with each individual on there situation needs and problems.In the greatest country on earth,us haveing any homeless Americans is wrong.this must change,but untill it does,soup kitchens,shelters,ect will be needed.The reality is homelessness has become a business,this is wrong,this must be changed.Im new at this,but I                                                                                         was

 given a shot of reality yesterday,That there are shelters and programs out there ,in it for the proffit.for the money.this is wrong.If your in it for the money,your in it for all the wrong reasons.This will ne HOSP,S goal,to assure all the money goes to what it was intended to do.This has created a problem for the organastion,we need funds to operate,yes many things have been offerd to us from local schools and busnesses,from computers for our school,to beds,but thes items dont pay the bills.we need the public to help us.If were to do this the right way.So im asking you my brothers and sisters who served and are serving,im asking the people of the community,help us.I dont want to have to ask the goverment for money unless we must.besides a charitable organisation must already have money to qualifie for most grants.And excepting goverment grants comes with a catch,they lay rules out that i must fallow to get this money.this is were the problem lays,I dont want the government to tell me how i should run this organisation,i dont want anyone telling me my god cant be mentioned,we are 1 nation under god,and we must keep god in every thing we do .we except any religion,we will help any veteran regardless of there religious views,but there is 1 stipulation,you must recognize and except your fellow brothers beliefs to.HOSP will beat the odds,HOSP will complete its mission,HOSP will help our brothers and sisters,of the streets,out of the war brewing in there heads,and help families who are struggling,with the realitys of war.will you help us,we need money right now more than anything,and food.Contact me ,if you have any questions.god bless you,and god bless our veterans.

Friday, August 9, 2013

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HOSP inc To Open A New Veterans help Outreach Program

Welcome to our blog,Hosp inc stands for ( heroes opportunity service providers )-our mission is to help our fellow veterans off the streets and back into productive lives.Our staff are all veterans,were brothers helping our brothers,,No man should ever be homeless,especially our nations heros.Our government turned there back on them,we wont,HOSP  will bring them in ,cloth them,give them shelter,and food,But unlike other shelters,when they walk threw our doors,they enter a new chapter in there lifes. (( for that day,will be the 1st day of the rest of there lifes))We have arranged on line schooling for them,we will take in ptsd suffers,,we will assist them with relocating there families,we have counclers on hand to work with families in getting to no each other again. .we will assist them in finding work,houseing,getting all there benefits do to them from our government,why not they served this nation,theres 100s of homeless veterans on our streets in evansville,1000s nationally,this should not be,were hopeing by us stepping up to this mission ,that others will to.We have several buildings offerd to us,We are looking at all of them.Our primary goal is the tec center on campas of north high school.we are close to finaliseing a deal on a building in evansville,we have arranged temp houseing for our veterans untill our building is ready.Our 1st on line schooling session starts next month.we thank you for your support,we hope you join us on our mission to reach out to our brothers,and show them there not forgotten. On this page in the top right corner you'll see a donate button,if you can we do need your help.plz donate if not we understand.god bless you,and keep our veterans in your prayers.